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Can Parasites Affect Pocket Pets?

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We’re used to our canine and feline friends being the ones to come down with parasitic infestations, but did you know that pocket pets like gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rats, and rabbits can suffer from them as well? Learn more below from your Chesapeake, VA veterinarian. Fleas Fleas can infest many mammals, including pocket … Continue reading »

Give Your New Rodent a Good “Meet and Greet” Session

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Your rodent pet ownership experience is about to begin. Later this week, you’ll bring home a hamster or pet rat from a reputable pet store. In preparation, you’ve thoroughly researched each species’ nutritional and habitat needs. After your little pet arrives, your North Suffolk, VA veterinarian will give him a new patient exam. He’ll also … Continue reading »

Top-Quality Guinea Pig Care

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You’ve jumped headfirst into the world of pocket pet ownership, and your guinea pig Bucky is an ideal companion for the journey. Even though Bucky has only been with you for a few days, you’re already crazy about this non-aggressive little guy who doesn’t bite or scratch. Bucky is quite a social animal who soaks … Continue reading »